Thursday, October 03, 2013

Speaking for Life 100.3

I am one of the people who rotate speaking for Life 100.3 at churches when they ask for us to come and speak and I like this role as I get to see how other churches do things from a wide variety of backgrounds. I get to speak about different topics, and sometimes to get to join their worship as a bonus using the keyboard and singing too. 

I enjoy this activity. I enjoy the opportunity to share God's word with a congregation not knowing what's happening in the life of the church and then having people say how much it was needed in the church right that time or similar comments. God works His will in all situations and I love seeing how He brings together events and shocks everyone!

The New Living Translation of the Bible from Isaiah 45:15 says, "Truly God of Israel, you work in mysterious ways." I love it when God works out the details of a service to match across the board and yet person leading worship, the speaker, and the life of the church were all veiled from each other! God worked it out showing He's in charge! Love it!

I count it a privilege to be able to go out and speak on behalf of Life wherever I go. If I'm due to come to your church? Mind if I join your worship team that day too? :) See you around and God bless!

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