Thursday, June 05, 2014

ATP five years later and counting...

So as of April 27 2014, Ask The Pastor has been on the air for 5 years... and counting! Amazing how a simple idea of a call in show for anyone that originally was Mondays at 9 and then in September switched to Wednesdays at 8 pm has continued to do so well. Lots of listeners, hundreds of questions, and a few hosts with me - it started with AJ the Wonderdog, them moved to Junky Roads, there were fill-ins like Jojo McKnight and Jordan Cruze, then Evan Duran followed by JayMac, and now Terry Molinaro! Is it me? Just kidding!

But looking back on 5 years, it has been a blessing and privilege to do this ministry as a very real pastoral role with the "congregation" of listeners over these 5 years. Many means have been used to allow people to get their questions in - email to, texting the keyword lifeonline to 212121, calling 866-737-LIFE, and Facebook. 

The questions have been unique and some tend to come in again and again over the years - repeated themes from different listeners. It tells me there is a lot of need and a lot who just need someone to care. I have counselled people off the air during the show, and sometimes during the week as well as a direct result of the show. There have been some who have come to Christ and some who have rededicated their lives to Christ as a result. Amazing to see the results! 5 years of pastoral ministry through LIFE 100.3.

I will continue to do the show as long as the Lord allows me to. Thank you to all who have listened over the years and have contributed to the show in their questions they submitted or comments made. Has everyone always agreed? No. There have been some who respectfully disagreed and that's okay. There have been the odd ones who have called in and said some not so pleasant things, other have just expressed their disagreements to the management here. That's okay. Why? Jesus had people who disagreed with Him, and He was killed for what He said and claimed to be. So a little criticism? That's alright. 

Some people think the show is just for teens, and for sure we have mainly teens, but we have a lot of adults too that tune in for the segment and that I have met at different things and they tell me how much they have appreciated the show. Some have asked me - are you really a pastor? The answer is yes - I have been Associate Pastor at Pinewoods Chapel in Angus responsible for youth, worship, children, and administrative things for 2 years, then Lead Pastor at Mount Pleasant EMC for a year - we couldn't get moved to the new area after a year so had to move on. Then part time Associate Pastor positions at Stayner EMC for youth which the contract ended in September, and last summer a contract with Wasaga Christian Church for worship. Currently I am not actively a pastor in a church and am searching. I have also done pulpit supply for many years and speak for LIFE when asked to, and then there is Ask The Pastor - a real pastoral role despite "being on the air" for 5 years. My "congregation" is the listeners every week for an hour. I take the role very seriously, and feel blessed to be doing this - to serve this way.

I cannot take credit for this role. Steve Jones borrowed the idea from a station in Ottawa, suggested it to AJ the Wonderdog and AJ contacted me. The rest is God's doing and history... until present day!

God bless to you all and thank you again for being part of such an amazing ministry!

In Christ,

Pastor Andrew Robertson
Dip. Bib. St., R.E.C.E., B.A. in Min.