Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Robin Mark 2014

What can I say, when I heard Robin Mark was coming to the are again, I just had to go! He has the new album "Liberation Praise" and the place was packed at Hi-Way Church! 

The night had the best songs from his first album Revival in Belfast, then songs from the recent Fly and others. He shared the secret of the story behind Days of Elijah and with his full band made it a night to remember especially when he closed with Lion of Judah and when the pipe player did the interlude in the middle, they did it once, then sped up and did it again, then again with more speed, and a fourth time with MORE speed! Needless to say the fingers were a blur and the amount of breath he used was incredible to pull it off! As a musician, I was impressed! I play piano and tuba and so to see the speed, and accuracy of the pipe player was amazing!

As always, Robin had his humour and inspiring night of music for all.

I first met him years ago at a worship conference in Toronto - the Unite in Worship conference series, then had the opportunity to play WITH him July 1 2010 with the Pinewoods Chapel worship team as we did an outdoor concert which LIFE participated in.


4 years later, I still love his music, maybe that's my Scottish heritage coming out in me that likes the Celtic style? But he is also a master at worship. When you leave a Robin Mark concert you have worshiped our God!

Always great, can't wait until next time!

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