Saturday, September 20, 2014

Embracing fall

So yes, today is the end of summer officially. Fall begins tomorrow! Where did that summer go? Did we really get a summer? That's an answer for another time! So fall starts tomorrow right? How do I embrace the fall? Enjoy what it has to offer! Crisp air and fresh walks, leaf piles, pumpkin everything from tea to coffees, pies, breads, and more! Sure we have to cover up our feet again, but that protects your feet when jumping into leaf piles! We don't have enough leaves around us so I'll have to borrow a neighbour's! 

The changing of the seasons and the colours show that even when nature is in the "dying mode" things can be beautiful, It shows the handiwork of God! So yes while I would love for summer to last forever, I guess I can embrace fall too!