Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another year older...

So yes, another has come and gone, I'm another year older. 43 this time. *gasp* did he really post his age! Yes. It's okay, I'm good with it. My wife and kids tell me all the time (jokingly of course) how OLD I am! When you get to my age birthday cakes look like this...

Yes, they run out of room on the cake... So what have I learned from the past year? Patience in waiting on God's will for my life to unfold. Evaluating who I am, that what I do is not what makes me, but who I am in God - His child.

So now that my birthday is here, what are the plans? Well, working on air today, then tomorrow after service heading to Medieval Times Dinner Tournament in Toronto! Yes! I have never been! 

Can't wait! God has blessed me with a great family, a full time job this year as well as working at LIFE doing Ask The Pastor Wednesdays at 8 pm, and my Saturday gig 12 - 7 and importing features (shows). Still seeing what God has in store in terms of the ministry as a pastor somewhere. I leave it in God's hands and God's timing.

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  1. thanks for all you do on "life", you always brighten up my day! antonella :)