Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy, secret Star Trek symbol origins, and God

As a Trek fan, it was sad to hear about the passing of Leonard Nimoy aka Mr. Spock - the original. Who would think that this man was very religious? 

He was a Jewish man who grew up in Russia and never gave up on God. He was beaten for being Jewish at times but never gave in. As we take time to celebrate the life of this man, his dedication to what he believed, in Judaism, I stop to think of how dedicated Christians are - or should be. There are stories of Christians being persecuted around the world, the most recent of course being the 21 men beheaded from Egypt by ISIS. We see examples of this and even of little Leonard Nimoy who wouldn't abandon his faith despite being persecuted. Are we that strong here in North America? If someone started beating us because of the name of Jesus, would we stand strong? If someone came into our church service and pointed a gun at us to renounce our Lord or die, would we? What if they threatened our families in front of us? Tough right? This will come our way one day, the Bible says that. We need to be ready.

So once again, farewell to the original Mr. Spock, he lived long, and he prospered. By the way, did you know the Vulcan "Live long and prosper" symbol...'s actually a Jewish symbol? Watch Leonard Nimoy explain it in this video... 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Being on a supply list...

So I am once again on the Supply List for the school board after someone else got the job I had been holding for 5 months. Stinks yes I know. I keep applying to positions when they come up in the board, with Honda, with... you get the point. I am on supply for LIFE 100.3 as well so you may hear me more again as time goes by. We'll see. In the meantime this day to day uncertainty is a test of faith. You are literally living by the grace of God day by day. Literally trusting in Him to provide work day by day. It's humbling to be like this every day after you once had full time work, then see the position reduced to part time from the board level, then see it go to someone else. In times like this I search God out more, lean on Him more. What else can I do right? Some training yes, but still, it's all in His hands.

I put this here to encourage anyone in a similar situation, that God is our only hope in all circumstances. Am I stretched right now? You bet. God's working on me for sure. 

God bless.