Saturday, March 07, 2015

Are you ready?

So Thursday night I spoke to our youth about being ready fr Christ's return, it was part of a talk about Annihilationalism - that those who don't believe will simply just stop existing someday as part of the "eternal punishment" from God. I told them no, there is a place called hell, it is a place of pain and fire and as the Bible says the smoke rise from it forever. To wrap things up I showed this video... 

Needless to say it impacted the youth. We asked around if they were ready if Jesus should come back before even our meeting ended. Some interesting responses, some said yes, others weren't sure. We stressed to them they should make sure! Hoping some of them went home that night and put their full faith in Christ, but time will tell. The question now is - are YOU ready? Yes, you who are reading this. Are you ready?

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