Saturday, May 23, 2015

Duggar tragedy

Okay I know this is all over the internet and other media like TV, so here's my response to this. Yes what happened was terrible and I hope the girls involved are okay. What people need to remember is that Josh Duggar was 14 when this happened, a minor himself. How is he now being labelled a child molester? That's like saying someone who used to drink heavily 12 years ago is still a drunk today, or someone who once stole a few things 12 years ago is still a thief, or someone who cheated on a test 12 years ago is still a cheater today. From what I've read, Josh is not that way today - doing what he did 12 years ago. If he was then people would have a right to be upset. Why his parents waited a year to report it didn't help yes, if he was to have been charged it would have been as a minor. I feel for the guy because he is not that teen today. God forgives, it is men who seems to not be able to let things go. The whole thing about the show being pulled just seems like it was an excuse to pull the show. Imagine what a testimony it could have been on the show to deal with this revelation and how the family deals with it.

I guess we'll never know except what they Tweet.

I can't imagine as a dad how I would deal with a similar situation, but as they have already testified, it made them draw closer to God than ever before as they walked the dark journey together. Pray for them at this time as there seems to be a witch hunt out for any Christian based show. 

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