Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer closing in fast!

Yes, summer is closing in fast! We're on the May long weekend celebrating Victoria Day. If you don't know what Victoria Day is about, check this out...

So yes we take time to honour a past monarch for the British Commonwealth which still includes Canada even though we're our own country. Victoria Day is known as the unofficial start to summer. We celebrate the day which is great, do we take as much time to celebrate God? In my on life I will admit there have been times where God has been on the back burner replaced by something else like a great camping trip or movie release. It's fine to celebrate the day, but we need to keep things in perspective. 

That said, I will take some time to rest this weekend, do some cleaning, some gardening, see some friends, etc... But I will make sure the business doesn't replace God. 

Have a great holiday weekend!

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