Friday, November 13, 2015

How much Christmas decorating is too much?

It's the season for Christmas decorating right? We see the lights coming out, the wreaths, the trees, garland, etc. How much is too much?

Here are some examples of decorating...

Some are nice, some are overdone? Are some too simplistic? I really like the lit nativity in the middle on the top. It's not overdone, but still lit up so you can see it. I lived in West Hill from the age of 12 - the time I got married (except for one year when I lived in the US going to Word of Life Bible Institute at the Schroon Lake, NY campus), and a few streets away from where we lived there was a guy who supported the electric company with his decorations and lights. he had a donation bin when people came by which is cool, but it literally looked something like this...

You could see the glow of his house blocks away. I'm sure it could be seen from space. Was it too much? I personally think so. I definitely would NOT want his electric bill! I have seen so many homes over the years from family and friends and more with all different types of decorating. I think there needs to be a balance for sure. Our outdoor lights at home are simple...

Then we add some rope lights or icicle lights, some red ribbon and garland. Inside we have a Nativity set, Christmas Tree, some garland with shiny red balls and red ribbon, a few small Christmas decorations, nothing overbearing. I think we have a good middle ground. Some may think it's too much, others may think "That's it?" But to each his/her own.

The point of it all is are we celebrating Christmas? Are we celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ or are we trapped by the commercialism and focusing on Santa and Rudolph and Frosty? Those things are fun sure, but they're not the focus. If we leave Christ out of Christmas, then we miss the point.

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  1. Hey!! Happy to see these awesome Christmas homemade things. Really loved them and want to try them for sure this time. Have never arranged something like this for my party. But will surely do this time. Thinking of booking one of Seattle venues for it.