Saturday, January 23, 2016

Every day is a gift

Here we are into new year, January 23, and mom is still here. She is past the initial  mark that the doctors gave and so every day we have now is a gift. Even though her mind is very mixed up, she knows everyone, her attitude is very grateful and very happy. I played her Gaither music and piano hymns on my tablet while by her side in the hospital and she loved every minute. She even sang to some. Sometimes brought a tear to my eye to hear her sing. In the midst of all the confusion, she hasn't forgotten our Lord. The nurses love coming in to see her. One said when they're feeling low they come in to see her and it brightens them right up. Mom being a witness in spite of her battle with brain cancer.

Dad keeps telling me about how the strength he has is not his own, but from God. Amazing how strong his faith is through it all. Both mom and dad being testimonies. Great legacies to follow.

However long we have with mom, I treat every time I come up as a gift from God - more time with her. Thank you God for the time and strength to get through it.