Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In memory of Billy Graham

Today, we lost a giant in the faith. Billy Graham. He was 99 years old and is now present with the Lord he served faithfully for 70 years in ministry.

I saw Billy Graham at what was called Skydome back in 1995 in Toronto. I had taken our youth group there and it was amazing to see him receive a huge standing ovation from over 60, 000 in attendance. DC Talk had performed Jesus Freak which was brand new at the time, and I can still see DC Talk embrace Billy and then start the chant that took over in the crowd - "Billy! Billy! Billy!" I know he would say it was the wrong chant, that they should have been chanting for Jesus. But this was a man who never lost his integrity in over 70 years of ministry. His son now operates the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and is very much like his dad. A great hero of the faith is gone at 99 years of age, but now he walks with Jesus face to face. Here's a clip from that crusade: 

 I have some of his books and have heard his messages. So hard to imagine his cousin was Jerry Lee Lewis - the guy who gave us Great Balls of Fire. He never wavered in his faith. He will be missed.

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