Saturday, September 22, 2018

How old are you - as a believer?

I have 3 kids at home, 16, 12 and 1 1/2 and they show me the different stages where I need to watch as a parent, how my wife and I need to attend to their needs based on their ages. 

It reminds me how as believers we’re all in different stages and need different help as we grow. We're all in different stages in our walk with God, the question is how far have we grown? Are we still infants, crying and fussing to get our way? Are we like a young child, a little more mature but still looking out for ourselves mainly? Are we more like a Jr High student who is starting to see the word beyond themselves? Are we like a High School student who is more aware of others for sure, and starting to see the need to put others first? Are we like a college/university student who is getting all sorts of information thrown at them and trying to absorb it all and then make a reasonable decision and honour God with it? Are we adults seeking God and others first, seeing how we can be more like God day in day out? Are we experienced adults who are becoming mentors for others? So many stages to go through, and those are just some. The point is, we need to just ask God for that help as grow older in our faith!