Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Seeing old friends

Seeing old friends – Andrew Robertson, host of Ask The Pastor and Saturdays 12-4.

This past weekend we went to the Hamilton Comic-Con as a family. We didn’t want to miss church just to go to a con, so we looked up churches in Hamilton to go to before we went. My former pastor that has known me almost all my life was there at West Highland Baptist Church. His name is John Mahaffey. We went to his church, surprising him and his wife!

In my bio for the station he is listed as someone I look up to, a mentor. After hearing him again this week for the first time in years, he still is. He had just gotten back from a trip to the Philippines the week earlier. His sense of humour was still great, and his ease at breaking down the passage he spoke on was still inspiring. He has always dealt with a speech impediment, and it’s amazing to see how God uses people despite their flaws or impediments or pasts to further the kingdom. He used Moses who also had a speech impediment to lead the Israelites, He used Peter who had a hot head to help start the church, and He uses people every day in our weaknesses to serve God.

John was baptized the same day as my mom many years ago, a memory that made me smile since mom has been gone for a little over three years now. He was there when I rededicated my life to God after running from Him for over a year many years ago. It was good to catch up with him and his wife Andrea. They reunited with my wife – as he had married us 20 years ago – and got to meet my kids. He said seeing my oldest was like stepping back in time and seeing me at that age. Still a mentor and friend after all these years. This is why God brings friends, and of course pastors, into our lives – to inspire us and when the friendship is genuine, they will always be there to welcome us. Seeing as October is pastor appreciation month, Happy Pastor Appreciation Month to an old friend!