Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hallway of Life

When in the hallways of life, we need to do our best to praise Him while waiting. This can be hard when we want our lives to get moving and yet we seem to be just wandering the hallway. People often ask the question does God really answer prayer? The answer is yes He does - either yes, no, or wait. We can handle yes, most of the time we can handle no, it's when we get wait we get frustrated. Wait? Wait for what? No one likes to be in the hallways of life waiting for a door to open, but sometimes we must wait. It can be a test to see if we'll be faithful, it can be God's way of stretching us to mature us and make us complete and not lacking anything as James 1 tells us. 

When I saw this photo, I thought: "What a great image for how it can feel when God's answers seem to be slow in coming." God answers everything in His time. We must be patient and trust that God has our best in mind no matter what the answer we get is. Sometimes the answer will be yes, but it is not the time so we wait in the hallway. Remember the Israelites? They had to wait 40 years to see the promised land. 

How do we react when in the hallway? Do we trust or do we complain? 

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